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Shared Voyage: Encouraging Unlearning

In recent years, more and more leaders of private and public organizations alike have realized that knowledge is the chief asset of organizations and the key to maintaining a sustainable and competitive advantage.

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A Tale of Two Houses: Building on a Foundation of Trust or Mistrust

By Dr. Alexander Laufer Trust has been a main theme in over 20 articles that have been printed in ASK so far. These stories make it very clear: trust among project partners is not just an attitude that is nice to have.

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Managing Projects in a Dynamic Environment: Results-Focused Leadership

By Dr. Alexander Laufer This summer, the Knowledge Sharing Initiative will be celebrating its fifth birthday For almost twenty years, the main thrust of my research has been to gain an understanding of the elements that make for successful project management.

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Looking Ahead with Anticipation

By Dr. Alexander Laufer Today’s fast-changing projects call for managers to be highly responsive to the unexpected — those surprises that can alter the course of a well-laid plan

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Checkmate to Uncertainty

By Dr. Alexander Laufer Coping with project uncertainty requires, at times, surprising solutions. I recall a story related to me by a project manager that illustrates just such a solution.

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The Eye Cannot See Itself

By Dr. Alexander Laufer A close colleague of mine has taught and written extensively about strategic planning and project planning.

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Small Wins

By Dr. Alexander Laufer While it might not seem so radical these days to see the words “story” and “business” in the same sentence, that certainly wasn’t the case when I set out to put together my first collection of business stories.

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Management as Improvisation

By Dr. Alexander Laufer Things are supposed to work a certain way — and then there’s what really happens.

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Letting Go of “Once and for All”

By Dr. Alexander Laufer Research is about discovery. Sometimes, if we let it, research can shake our core beliefs.

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