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From the APPEL Director — Technology-Enabled Learning

By Ed Hoffman Information technology develops at such a rapid clip that most of us are scrambling to keep up. This is particularly true for those of us involved in workforce development.

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From the APPEL Director — Good Team Design

  The decision to launch a shuttle brings together complex issues of many kinds—issues of engineering, safety, systems, technology, time, pressure, and people.

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From the APPEL Director — Multidisciplinary Project Leadership

By Ed Hoffman If you were building a house, what set of skills would you need? It might be best to be a carpenter, capable of working on the rough framing, the exterior, and the trim details.

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A Brief History of Project Management Development at NASA

By Ed Hoffman Thinking about this special issue of ASK focusing on NASA’s fiftieth anniversary, it occurred to me that there is a story from my own experience that is worth sharing.

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From the APPEL Director — Don’t Trust Anyone Under Thirty?

By Ed Hoffman I recently participated in a panel discussion about next-generation challenges and strategies for aerospace. Such sessions have become common as we worry about the ability of the future workforce to assume responsibility for the science, engineering, technology development, and management of our future aerospace missions.

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From the APPEL Director — Of One Kind

By Ed Hoffman The age of international projects has dawned. Project work is increasingly global. Determining where work happens and how the many, diverse, and widely distributed partners who make up project teams accomplish work together are increasingly part of a project leader’s job.

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From the APPEL Director — Innovation: Burning Bridges or Building Them?

By Ed Hoffman I love movies. What does that have to do with ASK and NASA? My love of movies recently led me to purchase a DVD set called A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies.

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From the APPEL Director — Getting Results in a Project World

By Ed Hoffman One issue has emerged as a common concern in my recent discussions with project practitioners representing a broad cross-section of public and private sector interests around the world. Are project failures increasing?

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From the Director — The Power of Stories

By Ed Hoffman What is your story? That question can be taken in many directions. It can express powerful interest or doubt. In Brooklyn, where I grew up, people said, “So, what’s your story?” to make someone reflect on and change foolish behavior.

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