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NASA employees are busy working on complicated missions, so finding knowledge management strategies that fit within hectic schedules is key.
The Knowledge Management Journey

On May 13, 2003, I reported to work at Goddard Space Flight Center as the center’s “knowledge management architect.” Looking back after ten years there, I will try to summarize why knowledge management was successfully adopted at Goddard.

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Interview with Rob Strain and Lesa Roe

By Ed Rogers Ed Rogers, chief knowledge officer for the Goddard Space Flight Center, recently sat down with two center directors—Rob Strain of Goddard and Lesa Roe of Langley Research Center.

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Enhancing NASA’s Performance as a Learning Organization

By Richard Day and Ed Rogers “The Board concludes that NASA’s current organization does not provide effective checks and balances, does not have an independent safety program, and has not demonstrated the characteristics of a learning organization.” — Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report (2003)1

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