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Enhancing NASA’s Performance as a Learning Organization

By Richard Day and Ed Rogers “The Board concludes that NASA’s current organization does not provide effective checks and balances, does not have an independent safety program, and has not demonstrated the characteristics of a learning organization.” — Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report (2003)1

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Design of the Little Joe capsules began at Langley prior to the design of the Mercury capsule and was, therefore, a separate design. It was not designed to carry a man but the capsules did have to meet the weight and center of gravity requirements of Mercury and withstand the same aerodynamic loads during the path of lift-off. In comparison with the overall Mercury Project, Little Joe was a simple undertaking, The fact that an attempt was made to condense a normal two-year project into a six-month one with in-house labor turned it into a major undertaking for Langley.
Supplier Integration

Background A mission’s success often depends on the performance of our suppliers. In a very real sense, suppliers perform relative to how well they are integrated within the larger team.

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