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Robonaut and a spacesuit-gloved hand are extended toward each other to demonstrate the collaboration between robots and humans in space.
Message from the Director: NASA’s Knowledge Imperative

March 28, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 3   Like all large, knowledge-intensive organizations, NASA faces continuous challenges identifying, capturing, and sharing what it knows.

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NASA APPEL Project Management #7 class at the Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center.
International Brief: International Project Management

March 28, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 3   The Academy continues to expand opportunities to learn with NASA’s international partners.

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Fan Blade Artifacts from 16-foot Transonic Tunnel installed in the third floor conference room of Langley’s Headquarters (“New Town”) building.
Academy Brief: Introduction to Sustainable Facilities Course

March 28, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 3   A new course teaches the NASA workforce about designing sustainable facilities.

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Dr. Kris Lehnhardt speaks at the International Space University Space Café on March 13, 2012. The event took place at Science Club in Washington, DC.
ISU Space Café: Are We Really Ready for Mars?

March 28, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 3   A biomedical knowledge gap stands in the way of successfully sending humans to Mars.

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Fully functional, 1/6th scale model of the JWST mirror in optics testbed.
Government Brief: GAO Reviews Large-Scale Projects at NASA

March 28, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 3   GAO released its latest snapshot of how well NASA is planning and executing its major acquisition projects.

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Cygnus X hosts many young stellar groupings. The combined outflows and ultraviolet radiation from the region’s numerous massive stars have heated and pushed gas away from the clusters, producing cavities of hot, lower-density gas.
Knowledge Bookshelf: Too Big to Know

March 28, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 3   Information overload isn’t what it used to be, according to David Weinberg, author of Too Big to Know.

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Artist's concept of Mars Global Surveyor. Image credit: NASA/JPL
This Month in NASA History: A Second Chance to Map Mars

March 28, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 3   Fifteen years ago this month, Mars Global Surveyor entered orbit around Mars.

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The sp.ace in Building 29 at Johnson Space Center.
The Space to Collaborate, the Space to Share

March 28, 2012 Vol. 5, Issue 3   As NASA quickly approaches a workforce transformation, a movement has surfaced to not only rethink how the agency shares what it knows, but where.

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