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Message from the Academy Director: Working and Learning Together

April 26, 2010 Vol. 3, Issue 4   The International Space Station has served as an orbiting laboratory for working and learning together in space.

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This is an artist’s concept of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory. The mission, scheduled to launch in early 2009, will be the first spacecraft dedicated to studying atmospheric carbon dioxide, the principal human-produced driver of climate change. It will provide the first global picture of the human and natural sources of carbon dioxide and the places where this important greenhouse gas is stored. Such information will improve global carbon cycle models as well as forecasts of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and of how our climate may change in the future. Image credit: NASA/JPL
Learning from Failure: OCO-2 Gets Underway

April 26, 2010 Vol. 3, Issue 4   The Orbiting Carbon Observatory team is applying lessons learned in a unique way after getting a rare second chance to fly.

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Academy Presentation: Recovery from Mission Failure

April 26, 2010 Vol. 3, Issue 4   Academy Director Dr. Ed Hoffman spoke to the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) about NASA’s past efforts to recover from mission failures.

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Retired Navy Captain and commander of Apollo 17 Eugene Cernan, center, is flanked by Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong, left, and A. Thomaas Young, as he testifies during a hearing before the House Science and Technology Committee, Tuesday, May 26, 2010, at the Rayburn House office building on Capitol Hill in Washington. The hearing was to review proposed human spaceflight plan by NASA. Photo Credit: NASA/Paul E. Alers
Academy Brief: Congressional Operations Seminar

April 26, 2010 Vol. 3, Issue 4   A group of NASA systems engineers peeked behind the curtain of the legislative process, learning what it takes to manage projects in a political environment.

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Digital Fly-By-Wire Technology Recognized

April 26, 2010 Vol. 3, Issue 4   NASA-developed digital fly-by-wire technology has earned a spot in the Space Technology Hall of Fame.

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Industry Brief: Lifelong Learning Imperative in Engineering

April 26, 2010 Vol. 3, Issue 4   Support for lifelong learning opportunities in engineering is a shared responsibility, according to a National Academy of Engineering workshop.

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Research Brief: Project Management and Transparency

April 26, 2010 Vol. 3, Issue 4   Transparency has arrived—in government and project management.

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View from the Outside: UK Space Agency Established

April 26, 2010 Vol. 3, Issue 4   The United Kingdom officially established a new executive space agency on March 23, 2010. The UK Space Agency will replace the British National Space Centre and consolidate all UK civil space activities in a single organization. Science Minister Lord Drayson and Business Secretary Lord Mandelson also announced […]

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Perched on the robotic arm, Andrew Feustel takes a close-up photo of John Grunsfeld. Credit: STScI/NASA
This Month in NASA History: 20th Anniversary of Hubble Launch

April 26, 2010 Vol. 3, Issue 4   Former astronaut John Grunsfeld reflects on what the Hubble Space Telescope has taught us over the past 20 years.

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