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STI Knowledge Services Lead Corey Portalatin-Berrien. Credit: NASA
Knowledge Community Corner: STI’s Corey Portalatin-Berrien

Corey Portalatin-Berrien of NASA’s Scientific and Technical Information Program Office discusses knowledge sharing.

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NASA OCHMO Knowledge Services Lead Mark Weyland. Photo Credit: NASA/Robert Markowitz
Knowledge Community Corner: OCHMO’s Mark Weyland

Mark Weyland discusses knowledge sharing in NASA’s Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer.

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Johnson Space Center CKO Jim Rostohar.
Knowledge Community Corner: NASA Johnson’s Jim Rostohar

Jim Rostohar discusses knowledge sharing at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

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NASA History Division’s Stephen Garber.
Knowledge Community Corner: History Division’s Stephen Garber

Stephen Garber discusses knowledge sharing through the NASA History Division.

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NASA IV&V CKO Jeff Northey.
Knowledge Community Corner: NASA IV&V’s Jeff Northey

Jeff Northey discusses knowledge sharing at NASA’s Independent Verification and Validation Program.

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NASA ARC CKO Donald Mendoza. Photo Credit: NASA
Knowledge Community Corner: NASA Ames’ Donald Mendoza

Donald Mendoza discusses knowledge sharing at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

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Bradford Neal
Knowledge Community Corner: NASA Armstrong’s Bradford Neal

Bradford Neal discusses knowledge sharing at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center.

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NESC CKO Dan Yuchnovicz, left, and the boilerplate Orion crew module, which helped gather water impact test data used by the NESC. The module was painted black to use a highly accurate photogrammetry technique for position and attitude tracking.
Knowledge Community Corner: NESC’s Dan Yuchnovicz

Dan Yuchnovicz discusses knowledge sharing at the NASA Engineering and Safety Center.

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