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With Earth and one of the station's solar arrays as a backdrop, NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson works during the third spacewalk of the mission. Photo Credit: NASA
My Best Mistake: Justin Smith’s “When ‘I Don’t Know’ Is the Right Answer”

When I started working at NASA in 2007, I was on top of the world.

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Astronauts participate in tropical survival training at Albrook Air Force Base near the Panama Canal. From left to right are an unidentified trainer, Neil Armstrong, John H. Glenn, Jr., L. Gordon Cooper, and Pete Conrad. Survival training was, and still is, an important exercise for astronauts, as a launch abort or misguided reentry could potentially land them in a remote wilderness area. Photo Credit: NASA
My Best Mistake: Steve Garber’s “The Value of Humility”

Luckily, it was a lesson learned during an exercise.

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