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  • Building & Leading NASA Teams
    Building & Leading NASA Teams

Skill Level: Open to all.

This workshop provides the foundation for communicating technical information to a varied audience and demonstrates effective methods and strategies for presenting technical issues.

This course is designed for NASA’s technical workforce, including systems engineers and project personnel working on or leading project teams.

Project Management Competencies
Common Competencies

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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe a basic communications model and apply it to different settings where technical information is required.
  • Recognize the information and communication needs of diverse groups (e.g., project stakeholders, team members, review teams).
  • Design and deliver technical communications using different media (e.g., meetings, presentations, email).
  • Present (in oral and written form) complex, technical material that is carefully tailored to specific audiences and that facilitates understanding.
  • Solicit feedback and information as you present technical concepts and reports.