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  • Building & Leading NASA Teams
    Building & Leading NASA Teams

Skill Level: Team/Subsystem Leads or higher.

The goal of this course is for participants to learn and practice the techniques required to be an effective distance manager and team member. Participants learn how to overcome obstacles of geography, isolation, and history and to establish trust, motivate, and unite people who are separated physically, and often culturally and emotionally.

Leaders/managers who have remote teams, project and program managers, sales and other distance managers, and remote team members.

APPEL Library Resource

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All supplemental resources are NASA accessible only unless otherwise noted.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop best practices of facilitating in virtual environments
  • Determine and apply leadership best practices for teleworkers
  • Build rapport, gain trust and manage group dynamics
  • Create interdependent teams versus independent teams
  • Effectively leverage technology in the virtual environment
  • Develop project plans to effectively manage communications, scope, schedule and risk on virtual teams
  • Utilize conflict for growth versus destruction
  • Increase morale through recognition and celebration