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This workshop identifies and develops the negotiating and bargaining skills necessary to successfully execute a win-win negotiation. Thorough instruction is provided on how to develop negotiating skills that promote effective leadership.

This course is designed for members of NASA’s technical workforce, including systems engineers and project personnel, who seek to develop the competencies required to succeed as a leader of a project team, functional team, or small project.

Project Management Competencies
  • PM 4.0 - Acquisition Management
  • PM 12.0 - Contract Management
Common Competencies
  • C 2.2 - Team Dynamics and Management
  • C 4.3 - Leadership

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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Construct creative, mutually satisfactory win–win solutions.
  • Analyze available negotiating tactics and select strategies that can move the situation to your advantage.
  • Establish and maintain a positive negotiating climate and effectively handle emotional situations.
  • Overcome impasses by structuring creative options.
  • Set desired outcomes, goals, bottom line targets, and alternative outcomes and options.
  • Relate the difference between positions, interests, and fears.
  • Overcome natural reluctance to negotiate, and reduce stress levels in the negotiation process.
  • Use creativity and value-based negotiating to help achieve successful closure.
  • Recognize how to manage ego and trust issues.
  • Effectively manage team/staff negotiating situations.


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Thomas Wood is co-author of the Best Negotiating Practices workshops. With a career in sales, product management, and engineering, Thomas went from designing computer systems to negotiating multi-million dollar domestic and international agreements. Thomas consults and teaches negotiations across industries worldwide, over a decade with NASA APPEL. A graduate of RETS Institute of Technology in electronic engineering, he holds a B.S. in computer science and business from University of Maryland.
Leslie Mulligan led sales, marketing and product development teams in Silicon Valley for 2 decades, negotiating complex agreements with customers and partners. Previously a USAF Officer/Scientific Analyst, Leslie served at Air Force Systems Command, Eglin AFB, and Manpower Personnel Center, Bolling AFB/Pentagon. Leslie holds a M.S. from Harvard University in Applied Mathematics, an MBA from University of West Florida, and a B.S. in Mathematics from University of Notre Dame.
Stuart Shlossman brings experience from decades in the advertising industry. He negotiated partnerships and high profile deals with media powerhouses and advertising agencies. He managed $350M of media spend on popular brand products and for advertising in US top sporting events. Stuart teaches negotiations across industries and professions in North America, with experience in the UK and Asia as well. He holds a B.A. in advertising from University of Florida.


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