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  • Building & Leading NASA Teams
    Building & Leading NASA Teams

Skill Level: Project Managers/Project Systems Engineers or higher.

This workshop identifies and develops the negotiating and bargaining skills necessary to successfully execute a win-win negotiation. Thorough instruction is provided on how to develop negotiating skills that promote effective leadership.

This course is designed for members of NASA’s technical workforce, including systems engineers and project personnel, who seek to develop the competencies required to succeed as a leader of a project team, functional team, or small project.

Project Management Competencies
Common Competencies

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Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Construct creative, mutually satisfactory win–win solutions.
  • Analyze available negotiating tactics and select strategies that can move the situation to your advantage.
  • Establish and maintain a positive negotiating climate and effectively handle emotional situations.
  • Overcome impasses by structuring creative options.
  • Set desired outcomes, goals, bottom line targets, and alternative outcomes and options.
  • Relate the difference between positions, interests, and fears.
  • Overcome natural reluctance to negotiate, and reduce stress levels in the negotiation process.
  • Use creativity and value-based negotiating to help achieve successful closure.
  • Recognize how to manage ego and trust issues.
  • Effectively manage team/staff negotiating situations.