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  • Program / Project Management
    Program / Project Management

This course is an intensive experience aimed at building capabilities needed to achieve project team objectives and to synthesize the project management practices learned through previous practice and study. This laboratory provides a unique opportunity to identify, understand, and practice effective leadership behaviors in a project team setting. The Project Leadership Lab is a highly interactive experiential program design anchored by a complex computer simulation exploring a project launch.

This course is designed for NASA’s technical workforce, including systems engineers and project personnel who seek to develop the competencies required to succeed as a leader of a project team, functional team, or small project.

Project Management Competencies
  • PM 1.0 - Project Proposal
  • PM 3.0 - Requirements Development and Management
  • PM 5.0 - Project Planning
  • PM 6.0 – Cost Estimating
  • PM 7.0 - Risk Management
  • PM 11.0 - Budget and Resource Management
  • PM 12.0 - Contract Management
  • PM 13.0 - Systems Engineering
  • PM 15.0 - Project Control
Common Competencies
  • C 2.2 - Team Dynamics and Management
  • C 4.1 - Mentoring and Coaching
  • C 4.2 - Communication
  • C 4.3 - Leadership

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APPEL Library Resources

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All supplemental resources are NASA accessible only unless otherwise noted.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Lead in ambiguous, complex environments.
  • Develop adaptive leadership skills: recognizing when to focus on technical versus adaptive problems.
  • Create defensible, flexible plans.
  • Employ effective leadership techniques and improve interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Identify complex project trade-off decisions.
  • Lead and improve project team performance.

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