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  • Program / Project Management
    Program / Project Management

Skill Level: Open to all.

The overall objective of the Workshop is to learn and practice the tools and techniques that are critical to plan and manage any project successfully.

Members of NASA’s mission support staff who are interested in learning the fundamental concepts and principles of effective project management, and who wish to apply these principles in-class to a project example they bring to work on. For the more experienced NASA project manager, this course is an excellent review of basic project management principles, tools and techniques.

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APPEL Library Resource

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All supplemental resources are NASA accessible only unless otherwise noted.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Present the concepts of project management methods in a practical useable manner
  • Create a thorough scope and definition of a project
  • Develop an appreciation of how a project methodology can fit any project
  • Identify the tasks, skills and role of the project manager
  • Build a meaningful and accurate schedule of work
  • Clarify & organize the resources, roles and responsibilities
  • Manage the factors of quality—requirements and expectations
  • Define project costing and build the basis of a project budget
  • Identify, assess and manage the risks to project success
  • Apply the tools and methods of effective project communications
  • Closeout and evaluate project thoroughly and effectively