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  • Building & Leading NASA Teams
    Building & Leading NASA Teams
  • NASA Fundamentals
    NASA Fundamentals

Skill Level: Open to all.

This workshop provides information on team dynamics, processes, roles/responsibilities, and other practical information for working effectively within a team environment. You will learn the strategies of how to be an effective member of a team and have opportunities to put these strategies into practice.

This course is designed for NASA’s new engineers or early-career hires.

Common Competencies

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APPEL Library Resource

NASA Galaxie Library NASA Galaxie Library
All supplemental resources are NASA accessible only unless otherwise noted.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of teamwork and participating in team activities at NASA.
  • Define and describe different roles and responsibilities of team members on a project team and how they impact team performance.
  • Identify and practice the characteristics of a superior NASA project team.
  • Use an understanding of group dynamics to be an effective NASA team member.
  • Apply team processes including collaborative decision-making, problem-solving methods, and conflict resolution approaches within or among teams.
  • Appreciate being open to diverse viewpoints to achieve team success.