SELDP graduates with program and NASA leadership (left to right): NASA Chief Engineer Ralph Roe, NASA Chief Knowledge Officer Roger Forsgren, MSFC SELDP Advocate Nelson Parker, SE Tech Fellow Jon Holladay, Lisa Smith, Robert Rivera, David Rutishauser, Leslie Ringo, Stacey Bagg, Sean Laughter, LaRC SELDP Advocate Junilla Applin, Paul Mogan, SELDP Project Manager Kevin Magee, NASA Deputy Chief Engineer Dawn Schaible, NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot, and SELDP Leadership Coach Cindy Zook. Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

2017 SELDP graduating class.
Credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

SELDP participants benefit from comprehensive training and development aligned with a sophisticated learning and support network. This model is essential to NASA mission success and return on investment for the program and its class.





SELDP Program Management




Ralph Roe NASA Chief Engineer
Dawn Schaible NASA Deputy Chief Engineer, SELDP Sponsor
Roger Forsgren NASA Chief Knowledge Officer/APPEL Director
Jon Holladay NESC Systems Engineering Tech Fellow
Kevin Magee SELDP Program Manager


SELDP Advocates





Andrew (Drew) Demo Ames Research Center 650-604-6124
Stephen Jensen Dryden Flight Research Center 661-276-3841
David Grantier Glenn Research Center 216-433-3825
Carmel Conaty Goddard Space Flight Center 301-286-6098
Richard Kornfeld Jet Propulsion Laboratory 818-354-3103
Lisa Moore Johnson Space Center 281-483-1450
Curtis Dugger Kennedy Space Center 321-861-7337
Junilla Applin Langley Research Center 757-864-7082
Nelson Parker Marshall Space Flight Center 256-544-2453
Christine Powell Stennis Space Center 228-688-3047