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Knowledge Perspectives is a new series of virtual learning opportunities for NASA’s knowledge community. These regularly scheduled sessions feature thought-provoking presentations on current topics that are designed to spark free discussion and the substantive exchange of ideas. The discussions include actionable items to enhance efficiency and deepen understanding of the role that lessons learned plays in mission success, as well as provide the opportunity to learn from industry partners and work on agency-wide problem-solving.

Join us as we discuss with recognized experts and leaders the topics that resonate with the NASA KM community. These engaging discussions will drive positive change and enhance our ability to gather and disseminate knowledge to achieve mission success.

NASA’s Knowledge Community includes mission directorate, center and organizational Chief Knowledge Officers (CKO), Points-of-Contact (POC) and Knowledge Services Leads.


Lessons Learned: Understanding the Neuroscience of Effective Information Gathering
Airs on 9/17/2020 from 1:00-3:00pm EST.
Presenter: Bob Faw
Lessons Learned During Covid-19
Aired on 7/15/2020
Presenters: Tiffany Smith and Donna Wilson
Succession Planning and Knowledge Sharing Benchmark
Aired on 4/23/2020
Presenters: Susan Snyder and Kevin Magee

Lessons Learned: Understanding the Neuroscience of Effective Information Gathering

September 17, 2020 from 1:00-3:00pm EST.

Bob Faw
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana, philosopher

Ideally, we would all share lessons learned openly, energetically, and objectively. But often, lessons learned meetings trigger negativity bias, defensiveness, and blame.

Thankfully, through advances in neuroscience we can understand the underlying dynamics of these discussions and use techniques to mitigate negativity and create a more productive atmosphere of trust, creativity, and openness.

In our next Knowledge Perspectives meeting, scheduled for September 17, 2020, we will share the brain science that shows us what to avoid and what to target. We will present effective tools, questions, and approaches to generate focused, positive, and useful lessons learned meetings. This webinar benefits anyone who gathers valuable lessons learned in any format—from case studies,  to interviews for articles or videos, Pause and Learn sessions, and gathering facts for documenting lessons learned. These tools are also useful for leaders who want to increase creativity, “psychological safety,” and decrease defensiveness in meetings.

About the Presenter:

Bob Faw is a senior trainer and consultant for Corporate Education Group. He has more than 30 years of professional change experience. He guides the growth and development of organizations and individuals with results-driven facilitation. His programs increase team synergy and interpersonal skills and enhance connections and mutual trust. Bob is an author, keynote speaker, and business school professor. His book Energize: Ignite Passion and Performance with User Friendly Brain Tools is an Amazon e-book bestseller.

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Lessons Learned During Covid-19

July 15, 2020

Tiffany Smith

Donna Wilson
Tiffany Smith serves as the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) for NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD). She is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing ARMD IT systems and cyber security requirements. She also leads a comprehensive, state-of-the-art knowledge management, data storage, and reporting system for ARMD.

Tiffany Smith will share ARMD’s approach to staying connected and maintaining information flow while working virtually. The segment will incorporate tips and lessons learned from the transition to remote work, as well as ways to support internal communications and ensure continuity in your knowledge management strategy.

Donna Wilson is the Curriculum Manager for APPEL Knowledge Services, managing the curriculum team to coordinate the delivery of high-quality training programs and the development of valuable career resources for NASA’s technical workforce.

In response to COVID-19, APPEL Knowledge Services (APPEL KS) transitioned from Face-to-Face training to a completely virtual environment. Donna Wilson will speak about the challenges APPEL KS experienced making this significant transition and present some of the lessons learned. The segment will also include key metrics used to measure success and their plans for moving forward during these uncertain times.

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Succession Planning and Knowledge Sharing Benchmark

April 23, 2020

Susan Snyder

Kevin Magee
APPEL Knowledge Services Program Leads, Susan Snyder and Kevin Magee talk and share the importance of Succession Planning at NASA and the strategies of making the most out of the experience and knowledge in your organization. Gain insights as they share benchmarks from United Aitlines, NASA, LaRC, and Sandia Corporation.

Special thanks to Ben Bruneau and Roger Forsgren for their contribution to this presentation.

Download Presentation: Succession Planning & Knowledge Transfer Presentation


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