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Third Forum of Master Project Managers

Masters Forum #3 took place August 20-22, 2001. It included a Pathfinder group presentation on the Helios solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle, moderated by Don Margolies with speakers from the Dryden Flight Research Center and Ames Research Center.

Guest Speaker was Chris Turner, author of All Hat and No Cattle.

Presentations included:

Additional presenters included:

  • Michael Jansen, NASA Johnson Space Center
  • John Hicks, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
  • Sam Thurman, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Participants took part in a group activity on the topic The Amazing NASA Project Team Maze, facilitated by Ed Hoffman and Denise Lee.

The final day included a group of talks on the topic Learning from Failure, moderated by Jim Barrowman, including speakers David Collins, NASA Kennedy Space Center; Scott Cameron, Proctor & Gamble; and Terry Little, United States Air Force.

The program neared completion with a presentation and Q&A session by Joe Rothenberg, associate Administrator, NASA Office of Space Flight.