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ASK Magazine Special Issue on Constellation

Lessons from the past are guiding NASA’s next step into the future as the space agency prepares to replace the Space Shuttle with an Apollo-style vehicle for human explorers.  ASK Magazine plans to release a special issue in 2007 about NASA’s new Constellation program to capture these lessons and new ones that are discovered as hundreds of people pave the way for the next generation of space exploration. From stories about crew exploration vehicle Orion’s design and build to the challenges of organizing cross-center efforts, you can help ASK provide the stories you need and want by letting our editors know what you think and by sharing your own stories. To submit stories or ask questions, contact Managing Editor Don Cohen or Technical Editor Kerry Ellis.

Read more about the Agency-wide effort to return us to the moon and journey on to Mars online:

Reminder: PM Challenge 2007

Don’t forget to register for NASA’s PM Challenge 2007, the Agency’s fourth annual project management conference. It will be held February 6 and 7, 2007, in Galveston, Texas, near the Johnson Space Center. The conference will feature twelve tracks, including Spotlight on Systems Engineering, Mission Success Stories, Risky Business, Knowledge Works, and much more! Registration opens November 1. For more information, and to register, visit

Web of Knowledge

NASA has created a knowledge network to promote learning and sharing among NASA’s engineers. Through NASA Lessons Learned, an Agency-wide search, an expertise locator, and discipline-specific communities of practice portals, the NASA Engineering Network connects engineers to NASA’s vast engineering resources to help them solve problems and design solutions more effectively and efficiently. Find out more about the Network online: (NASA only)

For More on Our Stories

Additional information pertaining to articles featured in this issue can be found by visiting the following Web sites:

Seven Key Principles for Project Success Key Principles of Program and Project Success.21Mar06.pdf

Spitzer Space Telescope

Chandra X-Ray Observatory


We welcome your comments on what you’ve read in this issue of ASK and your suggestions for articles you would like to see in future issues. Share your thoughts with us here.

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