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Knowledge Community Hosted at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA’s knowledge community members tour the facility where “Maggie,” a test Mars Rover, is housed before being moved to the “Mars Yard.”

Photo Credit: NASA

The NASA Knowledge Community Face-to-Face was held July 11-13 at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. 

Tom Soderstrom, JPL IT Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, left, and Rob Manning, JPL Chief Engineer for Engineering and Science Directorate, speak to participants about how to foster a culture that is allowed to be open and make learning mistakes.
Photo Credit: NASA

The biannual, face-to-face meeting provides an opportunity for networking, organizational updates, and sharing of best practices that are being implemented across the agency.

JPL leadership welcomed the NASA knowledge community and shared knowledge-related experiences and expertise. All JPL staffers were invited to attend sessions on the first day of the community gathering, held in the Pickering Auditorium. Over 100 people attended as Rene Fredet, CFO and former Director of Engineering and Science; Tom Soderstrom, JPL IT Chief Technology and Innovation Officer; and Rob Manning, JPL Chief Engineer for Engineering and Science Directorate, spoke about the future of engineering and science at JPL, and what they need from the knowledge community for mission success. Participants also heard about JPL’s Spark Innovation program, using the JPL Wired wiki for knowledge sharing, and storyboarding as an approach to planning for Mars 2020 operations.

On the second and third days, the knowledge community met and shared knowledge strategies with each other. Additional topics were facilitated on a collaboration opportunity with NASA’s Chief Information Office on information architecture; the new International Standard for Knowledge Management under development by a global team of KM practitioners; ways to improve the NASA CKO website; and various program/project updates.

Participant feedback from the summer meeting, which was hosted by JPL CKO David Oberhettinger and Knowledge Management Specialist Charles White, was overwhelmingly positive. 18 members of the NASA knowledge community attended the meeting in person and five people attended virtually via web conference. The next meeting is tentatively planned in late fall 2017 at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

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Richard Cook, JPL Associate Director of Flight Projects and Mission Success, welcomes the NASA knowledge community.
Photo Credit: NASA
David Oberhettingher, JPL CKO, shares the importance of making the case for knowledge management to all levels of practitioners at the center.
Photo Credit: NASA

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