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Critical Knowledge inSight: Success Factors for Integration

Jessica Parsons

At NASA, project integration is crucial work that enables mission success. Complex projects require the careful integration of numerous hardware and software systems developed by NASA, industry and international space agency partners. The interdisciplinary field of systems engineering traditionally focuses on managing the development and organization of complex systems.

Jessica Parsons is the Space Launch System (SLS) Integration Lead in the Ground Systems Development and Operations (GSDO) program. In the video, Parsons shares key success factors for integration.



    1. 1.

      Team communication is important to all programs for successful integration to occur.

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      Trust building among all programs across the enterprise is vital. Programs need to see the other program’s perspective to understand how changes can affect the overall mission.

    3. 3.

      Safety should be a key attribute in the program you are working on and embedded in your culture.


This beneficial practice of communicating well, building trust and ensuring safety helps all program teams solve the complex challenges on the human side of technical integrations.


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