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Best Buy: Planning for Disaster

By Adam Sachs and Kerry Ellis When a 1981 tornado in Minnesota revolutionized the retail approach of Sound of Music, which later changed its name to the now very familiar Best Buy, those who founded the company never imagined that a series of hurricanes twenty years later would also help give it a cutting-edge lead […]

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Space Mission Excellence Program: Launching Systems Engineers at Glenn

By Kerry Ellis On January 8, 2007, twenty-three participants in Glenn Research Center’s Space Mission Excellence Program met for the mock preliminary design reviews they had been preparing for the past few weeks.

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Cassini-Huygens: International Cooperation for Astronomical Achievement

By Kerry Ellis Many project managers tout communication and collaboration as important elements for building a successful team. But what happens when an ocean separates team members? Tougher still, what if you throw in a few different languages?

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The View from Space

By Ben Bruneau and Kerry Ellis NASA’s first “blue marble” pictures of our Earth, brought back from a new frontier of exploration, opened a new frontier of imagination and understanding.

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Genesis: Learning from Mistakes

By Kerry Ellis On the morning of September 8, 2004, in a desert in the middle of Utah, two helicopters waited to pluck Genesis gently from the air and return it safely to the ground.

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Profile of a Leader: Orlando Figueroa

Kerry Ellis Orlando Figueroa began his NASA career twenty-seven years ago at Goddard Space Flight Center, not knowing he would eventually become the Center’s Director of Applied Engineering and Technology — and Federal Employee of the Year.

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Pathfinder in Hawaii.
Cultivating a Community

BY BEN BRUNEAU AND KERRY ELLIS When beginning a project, most project managers look first for budget approval and a team that will make the project succeed.

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