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On Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011, International Space Station astronaut Ron Garan used a high definition camera to film one of the sixteen sunrises astronauts see each day. This image shows the rising sun as the station flew along a path between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Message from the Academy Director: Risk and Values

September 28, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 7   What does risk have to do with values? Everything, it turns out.

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Academy Presentation: Mission, Values and Projects

September 28, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 7   Academy Director Dr. Ed Hoffman delivered a keynote address at an international project management conference about how missions reflect values.

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Astronauts Mary L. Cleve and Bryan D. O'Connor look toward the camera during an integrated simulation for the STS-6 mission. The two are at the spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM) console in the mission operations control room (MOCR) of the JSC mission control center.
Academy Exit Interview: Bryan O’Connor

September 28, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 7   On his last day in the office, Bryan O’Connor, Chief of Safety and Mission Assurance, spoke with ASK the Academy.

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Cameras inside of explosion-proof enclosures near Launch Pad 39-A .
Shuttle Trackers

September 28, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 7   A team of thirty-five trackers worked together to provide the photographic story of a space shuttle launch.

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Leadership Brief: MIT President Susan Hockfield on Innovation

August 30, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 6   Five underlying rules are critical to ignite the American innovation engine, according to MIT President Susan Hockfield.

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Government Brief: GAO Examines Parts Quality Problems at NASA and DOD

August 30, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 6   NASA and the Department of Defense (DOD) should undertake periodic assessments to correct parts quality problems in their programs, according to the General Accountability Office (GAO).

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The Genesis sample return capsule crash-landing in the Utah desert.
This Month in NASA History: Genesis Launches

August 30, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 6   Ten years ago this month, Genesis launched to discover the origin of our solar system. Three years later, it had an unexpectedly rough return in the Utah desert.

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Image of Hurricane Ike taken by the crew of the International Space Station.
Academy Case Study — Weathering the Storm: Lessons from Hurricane Ike

August 30, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 6   Surviving the third costliest hurricane to hit the United States reaffirmed a common lesson for NASA: in the event of an emergency, you’d better have a plan.

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Darius Yaghoubi flying in his Cessna. Image courtesy of Darius Yaghoubi.
Young Professional Brief: Darius Yaghoubi

August 30, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 6   In a time of transition at NASA, Darius Yaghoubi wants to learn as much as he can.

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