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The Dream and Its Demise

By Dr. Alexander Laufer Chuck and Dave, two planning & scheduling engineers, meet at a project management conference and end up discussing the tricks of their trade.

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From the APPEL Director: Project Planning and “The Three Little Pigs”

By Ed Hoffman Remember the fairy tale, “The Three Little Pigs,” and how the first pig built a house of straw? Nice, light, cost-conscious straw.

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In This Issue: Mining the Forum

By Todd Post The APPL tree of knowledge bears fruit once again.

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ASK Talks with Cathy Peddie

Cathy Peddie is Assistant Manager of the Ultra Efficient Engine Technology (UEET) Program Office at the NASA John H. Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

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PERT Charts Take Precedence

By Ray Morgan Most program/project and task managers use the Gantt chart format for their graphic display of project plans and actual accomplishments.

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Speed Merchants

A Conversation with W. Scott Cameron and Terry Little We’re all interested in quality, but if we can’t deliver a project on time, quality becomes a moot point.

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The Story of JPL Stories

By Teresa Bailey A few years ago, I attended a national conference on knowledge management. Larry Prusak gave the keynote address. He distilled what was important about knowledge management in a single word: storytelling.

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Scheduling in the Real World

By Marty Davis A decade ago when I came to the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) program, we had one limping spacecraft, plus a satellite rented from the Europeans. I had to start by assuming, essentially, that we had no resources in orbit.

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Back to Basics

By Dr. Owen Gadeken Several years ago, I was leading a team-building workshop for an Army program office at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, and I had divided the group into five-person teams to compete against each other in a desert survival simulation exercise.

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