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Critical Knowledge Insight
Critical Knowledge inSight: Sage Advice for Project Managers

Co-location can help increase effectiveness for a project team during a complex mission.

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Critical Knowledge inSight: Gallaudet Eleven - The Deaf Right Stuff
Critical Knowledge inSight: Gallaudet Eleven-The Deaf Right Stuff

NASA’s understanding of the effects of prolonged weightlessness on the human body has been greatly influenced by the Gallaudet Eleven, a group of deaf men from Gallaudet College who volunteered to be part of a research study.

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Critical Knowledge inSight: Lessons from Managing a Low-Cost Mission

What lessons could you learn from a low-cost, short-schedule mission?

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Stephanie Stilson
Critical Knowledge inSight: Simplify Your Spacecraft’s Processing by Having Common Hardware

The use of common hardware can help to mitigate a number of issues with obtaining spacecraft replacement parts.

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Karim Courey
Critical Knowledge inSight: In-House Manufacturing Process

Having in-house expertise can be a great advantage to help with problem solving in the manufacturing process when materials are no longer commercially available.

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Critical Knowledge inSight: Innovation from Failure

Learning from failures can help facilitate innovation for technologies that will increase future mission success. 

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Critical Knowledge inSight: Testing to Mitigate Risk

Testing is an important part of reducing risk in spacecraft design, and can help determine limits and allow learning about a spacecraft’s performance.

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Critical Knowledge inSight: Change Management

Managing change effectively is an important component to being successful with NASA’s innovative missions.

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