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The Team Zopherus features a modular design and large windows for natural light. Credit: NASA/Team Zopherus
Teams Design 3D Printed Habitats for Mars

NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge drives innovation in technologies needed to autonomously print habitats on other planets. 

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Virtual Project Management Challenge: The First “A” in NASA: Lessons Learned from NASA Aeronautics Projects

In addition to exploring how the work of ARMD positively impacts the American public, we looked specifically at the challenges, accomplishments, and lessons learned of the ERA project and ARMD’s Airspace Technology Demonstrations (ATD) project.

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Critical Knowledge Insight August 2018
Critical Knowledge inSight: Sharing Knowledge

At NASA, sharing knowledge between practitioners is a key activity that enables mission success.

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President Dwight D. Eisenhower (center) appoints T. Keith Glennan (right) NASA's first administrator and Hugh L. Dryden its first deputy administrator.
This Month In NASA History: Eisenhower Signs Bill Creating NASA

Sixty years ago, a national debate about the shape of the U.S. space program in the wake of Sputnik I and II ended with the creation of NASA. 

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The Parker Solar Probe will fly through the Sun’s corona 24 times during an ambitious mission to learn more about our star.
NASA Readies Parker Solar Probe for Launch

Innovative solar probe will push the boundaries of human achievement while exploring the hostile atmosphere of the Sun.

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The team who developed the Dellingr CubeSat discussed their experiences designing, testing, and delivering the project on a tight time frame at a fraction of the cost of a traditional satellite.
The Big Challenges of Small Projects

A recent Virtual Project Management Challenge presented lessons learned and best practices for achieving big results from small projects. 

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Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Risk Management – Cascading and Worst-case Events
Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Risk Management – Cascading and Worst-case Events

Managing risk involves addressing the possibility of more than one failure at a time.

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VPMC July 26 2018 - Orion: Project Management for the Future of Space Exploration
Virtual Project Management Challenge: Orion – Project Management for the Future of Space Exploration

Watch recorded July 26, 2018 session. 

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This Curiosity selfie shows the impact of the dust storm on the ground. Credit: NASA
NASA Studying Record-Setting Dust Storm on Mars

Worst dust storm in the history of human observation of Mars presents an unprecedented opportunity to study the critical weather pattern. 

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