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Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Cable Harness Wiring and Connector Anomalies Caused by Induced Damage in Human Spaceflight Vehicles

NASA has discovered wiring damage issues in every crewed vehicle system, but early indications suggest the new generation of vehicles appears to benefit from more simplified designs and lower technician traffic during integration.

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An orange zinnia floats in the International Space Station, part of a successful effort to grow flowers and lettuce in space. The project connects astronauts to home and augments their food supply. Credit: NASA
NASA Crowdsources Space Food Innovation

Deep Space Food Challenge enters Phase 2 with demonstration projects.

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Podcast Episode 76: DAVINCI
Podcast Episode 76: DAVINCI

NASA’s Mike Sekerak discusses the DAVINCI mission to Venus.

NASA Program Director for the James Webb Space Telescope Program Greg Robinson gives a brief interview on NASA television as he and the launch team monitor the countdown of the launch of Arianespace's Ariane 5 rocket carrying NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, Saturday, Dec. 25, 2021, in the Jupiter Center at the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana. Credit: NASA
Critical Knowledge inSight: Govern Efficiently as a Program Manager

Setting up an efficient governing structure is an essential skill leaders and managers use to be more effective on their programs or projects. 

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The surface of Venus is marked by hundreds of large volcanoes such as Maat Mons, shown here in this computer-generated three-dimensional image. Credit: NASA
NASA Missions to Shine New Light on Venus

The closest planet to Earth has proven elusive to understand.

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The Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF), after nearly six years orbiting Earth, is retrieved during space shuttle mission STS-32. LDEF gathered data about how high-performance spacecraft materials withstand long-term exposure to solar radiation, space debris, and the extreme temperatures of Low Earth Orbit. This information helped engineers select the best materials to build the International Space Station, Mars rovers, and other spacecraft. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Recovering LDEF

NASA’s Long Duration Exposure Facility reveals hazards of Low Earth Orbit.

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NASA announced the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to extend International Space Station (ISS) operations through 2030. Credit: NASA
Featured Video: ISS 2030: NASA Extends Operations of the International Space Station

NASA announced the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to extend International Space Station (ISS) operations through 2030.

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