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Systems Engineering Leadership Program (SELP) graduates posing for a photo. Left to right front row: Evan Anzalone, Sarah N. D'Souza, Carla Haroz, Claudia Eyzaguirre, Susan Danley, Karma Snyder, Laura Kushner, K. Renee Horton. Back row: Ben Powell, Darren Baird, Miles Skow, Timothy Roberts, Andrew Rechenberg, George J. Williams, Jr. Credit: NASA/Masha Berger
APPEL KS SELP Class of 2022 Graduates

Cohort completed systems engineering and leadership development program during pandemic.

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Here, Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield prepares to set up the ISERV in the Destiny module of the International Space Center. Credit: NASA
Spotlight on Lessons Learned: Program Management of ISERV Design, Development, and Qualification Class D Hardware Integration

Specific events and obstacles encountered during the design and development of the ISERV payload provide the basis of an applicable program management lesson learned.

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Program Management (PgM) Series Overview graphic. Credit: NASA
APPEL KS Presents Unique Learning Opportunity

PgM Series features facilitated seminars on program management.

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Screenshot of Doug Hensch smiling during his interview. Credit: NASA
Critical Knowledge inSight: Building Resilience

A project manager can build resilience skills to perform better on the job.

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Astronaut Ricky Arnold, from aboard the International Space Station, shared this image of Hurricane Florence on Sept. 10, taken as the orbiting laboratory flew over the massive storm. Credit: NASA
Podcast Episode 84: NASA’s Role in Weather Research

NASA’s Edward Kim and NOAA’s Pam Sullivan discuss NASA’s role in weather research.

NASA History Division’s Stephen Garber.
Knowledge Community Corner: History Division’s Stephen Garber

Stephen Garber discusses knowledge sharing through the NASA History Division.

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Surveyor 1 was a three-legged spacecraft, 10 feet tall, with large pads at the end of each leg. At about 650 pounds, it was a true test of the lunar surface and the first controlled-descent, soft landing on the Moon. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Surveyor 1 Launches

Robotic lander series demonstrated lunar surface would support Apollo’s Lunar Module.

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A heat map of the Earth. Credit: NASA
Podcast Episode 83: NASA’s Role in Climate Research

NASA Chief Scientist and Senior Climate Advisor Kate Calvin discusses the agency’s role in climate research.

"Video Feature banner showing the InSight Mars lander drilling a hole in the soil. Credit: NASA
Featured Video: NASA’s InSight Lander Accomplishes Science Goals on Mars as Power Levels Diminish

The mission is the first to reveal the interior structure of Mars, using marsquakes to study the layers inside the planet.

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