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The Masters Forum program was designed to enable NASA and the program’s participants to:

  • Share project management best practices and lessons learned.
  • Cultivate a community of reflective practitioners.
  • Build cross-center relationships in support of the “One NASA” vision.
  • Develop the leadership expertise of the Agency’s veteran and emerging project managers.

Thought-provoking presentations and dynamic group discussions allow attendees to network with influential leaders from government agencies, universities, and private industry.

Consistent throughout all Masters Forums is the belief in the power of storytelling. Stories engage and motivate. They illuminate subtle and contrasting points of view that otherwise might be missed. They provide a framework to deal with extraordinary change, allowing us to imagine new possibilities, preparing us for the supposedly unheard of and unimaginable. Through storytelling we communicate our expectations and expand the boundaries of the possible. Stories broaden our perspective, allowing us to see with the tellers’ eyes. Through stories, we can convey knowledge that helps us innovate, problem solve, and add valuable tools to the toolboxes of project management and engineering professionals.

Below is a list of past Masters Forums: