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Co-location can help increase effectiveness for a project team during a complex mission.

Jose Perez-Morales, Vehicle  Assembly Building Element Manager, discusses various lessons learned, including the value of co-location, which in turn is good for communication and design planning with an eye on the fabrication process. Jose also stresses the need for project managers to surround themselves with capable team members.

Video key learning points:

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    Co-locating essential team members at one location is essential to help create clear lines of communication to deal with issues associated with complex project implementation.

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    There will be issues that arise during fabrication that slow down a project and increase cost. The designers can help to avoid cost and schedule issues if they actively reach out and factor in fabrication process requirements and challenges in their design plans.

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    Project managers should surround themselves with people who have much greater expertise than themselves and make sure that these people have the right attitude to get the work done. An effective project manager’s job is to manage the team’s intelligence and capability to take on the challenges that the project will encounter or face.


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