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Knowledge in Brief —Documents or Dialogue?

Early knowledge management projects usually focused either on collecting and sharing documents or connecting people. As these examples suggest, neither of those strategies is always the right one — the choice should depend partly on what you are trying to communicate. And sometimes combining collection and connection enhances the value of both approaches.

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Ask interactive
ASK Interactive (ASK 23)

Question To keep your project on schedule, you need prompt decisions or approvals from a manager who often seems unavailable.

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ASK Bookshelf (ASK 23)

From time to time, the editors will offer brief reviews of books they believe will especially interest ASK readers. Here are descriptions of two books, very different from one another, that we admire.

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Knowledge in Brief — Three Reflections on Meeting Face to Face

E-mail and virtual workspaces are important contributors to knowledge exchange in large, dispersed organizations, but face-to-face conversation adds essential depth and richness to collaboration, knowledge sharing, and trust creation. Here are three brief examples of how these conversations can be encouraged.

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Cancelled Project, Continuing Relationships

By the ASK Editorial Staff In March 2003, a team from five NASA centers, two Air Force groups, the Army, and Sandia National Laboratories began work on a hypersonic re-entry vehicle intended to serve as a flying technology test bed for thermal protection systems, flight controls, sensors, communications, and other vehicle systems that need to […]

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NASA Knowledge Map 2006
Special Pullout: NASA Knowledge Map

It occurred to us that even many NASA veterans might benefit from a clear, concise overview of what happens where in the organization. We decided to create an explanatory picture of NASA centers that offers an easy way to grasp the range and location of NASA activities. Click to red full PDF.

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The APPL “Learning Map”

APPL Learning Map (PDF) Root Learning Inc., is best known for creating “Learning Maps” like this one: humorous drawings based on the inner workings of an organization.

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ASK Talks with Dr. Gary Klein

Gary Klein, Ph.D., is Chief Scientist oF Klein Associates Inc., a company he founded in 1978 to better understand how to improve decision making in individuals and teams.

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ASK Talks with Al Diaz

  Since being tapped by NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe to head the team analyzing the findings of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB), your name has been associated with the agency’s efforts to make needed changes. What was the charter of the “Diaz Team” in addressing the CAIB report?

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