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<em>ASK</em> Interactive (<em>ASK</em> 23)

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To keep your project on schedule, you need prompt decisions or approvals from a manager who often seems unavailable.

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NASA in the News

The United States Government Accountability Office recently released a study detailing the importance of supporting a knowledge-based acquisition framework within the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

This report evaluates whether NASA’s policy currently supports a knowledge- based acquisition approach and describes how NASA centers are applying the Agency’s acquisition policies and guidance.

Read the full report online at

Learning and Development

Check out these upcoming opportunities for increasing knowledge. For more information, please e-mail

IPM 220 Acquisitions and Contracting Workshop

August 21–23, Wallops Flight Facility

This three-day course provides an overview of all phases of contracting, from requirements development to closeout. It explores vital issues project managers face and highlights your roles and responsibilities to give you greater influence over how work is performed. you will also discuss actions to help ensure contractors or subcontractors perform as required under contract.

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ISE 240 Decision Analysis

August 24–25, Wallops Flight Facility

This two-day course will equip you with techniques and strategies for conducting factually based decision-making activities in resolving technical issues at NASA. you will learn how to evaluate alternative solutions using established criteria and selected methods and will experience the value of trade-off analyses, modeling, simulation, decision matrices, and other tools used in decision analysis.

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IPM 290 Project Management Leadership Laboratory

August 28–31, Wallops Flight Facility

This four-day course is an intensive experience aimed at building capabilities for managerial effectiveness to achieve project team objectives and to synthesize the project management practices you have learned through practice and study. This laboratory provides a unique opportunity to identify, understand, and practice effective leadership behaviors in a project team setting.

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Web of Knowledge

The Academy of Program/Project & Engineering leadership (APPEL) has a new Web site. read about new offerings, upcoming events, and other APPEL news online:

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