The space shuttle Columbia on Launch Pad A, Complex 39, before its first mission on April 12, 1981. The Apollo Challenger Columbia Lessons Learned Program (ACCLLP) featured an event, STS-1: Legacy and Lessons Learned, on this groundbreaking mission. Photo Credit: NASA
Preserving the Past to Enhance Future Success: Part Two

Apollo Challenger Columbia Lessons Learned Program (ACCLLP) Manager Michael Ciannilli discusses a novel initiative to transfer knowledge effectively and put it to work for the future.

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STI Knowledge Services Lead Karen Fallon. Photo Credit: NASA
Knowledge Community Corner: STI’s Karen Fallon

Karen Fallon discusses knowledge sharing in NASA’s Scientific and Technical Information Program Office.

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Defense Media Activity Deputy Director Col. Bernard Koelsch speaks at the 26th Quarterly FKMC meeting. Photo Credit: DOD/Tech. Sgt. Patrick Harrower
26th Quarterly Federal KM Community Meeting Held at Fort Meade

Using knowledge management to drive business results was a central topic at the recent quarterly meeting of federal agency knowledge professionals.

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NASA OCHMO Knowledge Services Lead Mark Weyland. Photo Credit: NASA/Robert Markowitz
Knowledge Community Corner: OCHMO’s Mark Weyland

Mark Weyland discusses knowledge sharing in NASA’s Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer.

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Knowledge Community Face-to-Face Planned at Jet Propulsion Laboratory

A biannual meeting of NASA’s Knowledge Community is scheduled in July.

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NASA CFO Knowledge Services Lead Ted Mills.
Knowledge Community Corner: NASA CFO’s Ted Mills

Ted Mills discusses knowledge sharing in NASA’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

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STS-58 Payload Commander Rhea Seddon spins the Spacelab Life Sciences rotating chair as Payload Specialist Martin Fettman serves as a test subject during a medical research mission in 1993. Photo Credit: NASA
Human Spaceflight Knowledge Sharing: Human-Centered Design

NASA Chief Health and Medical Officer James Polk shares lessons learned about the human element of spaceflight.

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In the days and weeks after the Columbia accident in 2003, Michael Ciannilli helped with the recovery effort. In this image, he is seen in the back of a helicopter searching for pieces of the vehicle from the air. Credit: Michael Ciannilli
Preserving the Past to Enhance Future Success: Part One

The space shuttle Columbia went down in 2003. Now she and her crew—with support from ACCLLP Manager Michael Ciannilli—are helping build a brighter future for NASA. 

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