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Learning how to deal with radiation is crucial for long-duration human spaceflight.
Lessons on Leadership: The Evolution of the Radiation Protection Project

By Keith L. Woodman and Debi Tomek Occasionally, you get the rare, pleasurable experience of watching a project flourish even when confronted with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

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Ronnie Barnes, of the Aerospace Composite Model Development Section at Langley, assembles one of forty-four arc-jet models for the Mars Science Laboratory entry, descent, and landing instrumentation program.
Is Your Project Viable?

By Keith L. Woodman and Paul W. Krasa Requirements change. Policies change. Personnel change. Projects are constantly exposed to internal and external challenges, and an inability to respond has been many a project’s demise.

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Volunteers Wanted: Best Practices from Volunteer Organizations

By Keith L. Woodman   I once had a NASA project manager who was notoriously hard to work with lament that people were leaving his project as fast as they could. Another project manager, who had no trouble retaining people, told me one of his secrets to success was to manage team members like volunteers. […]

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Nothing Weak About It: Thriving in a Weak-Matrix Project Environment

By Keith L. Woodman If you asked the typical project manager how much authority he wants, he would likely respond by saying the more, the better.

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