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Sunlight illuminated the lingering oil slick off the Mississippi Delta on May 24, 2010. Photo Credit: NASA
Academy Case Study: The Deepwater Horizon Accident Lessons for NASA

May 10, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 3   The events leading up to the Deepwater Horizon accident offers several cautionary lessons for NASA.

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NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory is on the launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Image credit: NASA/Randy Beaudoin
Knowledge Brief — Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2: Unfinished Business

May 10, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 3   OCO-2 demonstrates that there is a way to bounce back from failure and forge ahead with the mission.

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Young Professionals Brief: Lealem Mulugeta

May 10, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 3   Lealem Mulugeta’s journey from Ethiopia to NASA has led him to reimagine the future of space exploration as one in which anyone can participate.

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Special Feature: Women@NASA Launch

May 10, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 3   NASA premiered a new storytelling forum for women and girls.

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Research Brief Enhancing Adaptability

May 10, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 3   Is it possible for one of the world’s largest and most diversified workforces to become more adaptable?

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Academy Bookshelf: Willful Blindness

May 10, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 3   Our unwillingness to see the reality surrounding us can have devastating consequences, according to Margaret Heffernan.

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This Month in NASA History: 50th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s Call for Moon Mission

May 10, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 3   On May 25, 1961, President Kennedy announced the goal of sending a human to the moon by the end of the decade.

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Masters Forum 20: Passing the Torch 3

May 10, 2011 Vol. 4, Issue 3   Master practitioners shared their stories and lessons learned from their work on the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and Constellation programs at Masters Forum 20.

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