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So Much Depends upon a Pickup Truck

By Dr. Alexander Laufer In one of my early studies, I examined the factors affecting the optimal size of a construction crew. My list of factors was very elaborate, and included worker’s experience, foreman’s training, complexity of work, and many others.

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From the APPEL Director: Something Special

By Ed Hoffman Some of my best decisions have come from a gut feeling that tells me, “This is right.” They spring from ideas that I know in my heart are true and important.

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In This Issue: Stories of Innocence, Stories of Experience

By Todd Post The title above is of course an allusion to the great English poet William Blake and his two masterworks Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience.

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ASK Talks with Joseph Rothenberg

Is there a golden age of project management at NASA?

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Conference Report: Masters Forum IV, February ’02

By Todd Post The purpose of the APPL Masters Forum is to bring together some of the best project managers at NASA, as well as those in industry and other government agencies, for 2 1/2 days of knowledge sharing.

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Continuous Risk Management

By Phil Sabelhaus Risk identification is an ongoing activity that takes place during the routine project workflow.

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Three Insights About Change

By Terry Little Recently, I changed jobs. I moved from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, where I had worked for 30 years managing programs, to a newly created job in Washington, D.C. as the Director of the Air Force Acquisition Center of Excellence (whatever that means!).

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A Big Raise, A Promotion, Or…

By W. Scott Cameron I recently got an e-mail requesting nominations for our 11th Capital Management Leadership and Mastery (L&M) Award program.

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Is There a Perfect Organization?

By Julie Schonfeld When I was 10 years old, I decided I was going to be the first woman astronaut.

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