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  • History Collection – Apollo

    Apollo: 1963 – 1972 – The Apollo Program landed humans on the Moon and brought them back safely to Earth. Learn all about NASA’s Apollo missions here. 

  • JSC Apollo-era Activities

    As NASA moves towards Artemis missions to the Moon JSC is celebrating the accomplishments of the Apollo 12 through Apollo 17 missions. Browse through numerous NASA events here. Employees are encouraged to take part in the wide range of activities that include sporting events, festivals, concerts, social hours, moonlight hikes and even runs.

  • This Month in NASA History: Apollo 8 Changes the World’s Perspective

    One billion people were following news of the first spacecraft to reach the Moon with humans aboard. 

  • Apollo Panel Discussions

    Panel discussions at Johnson Space Center including topics on Apollo Engineering Design, Development, and Certification Challenges, Lunar Module Landing Operations, Lunar Science Operations, Lunar Module Development and Operational Issues, Command Module Landing and Recovery Operations.

  • This Month in NASA History: Apollo 9 Tests the Lunar Module in Space

    Mission validates the critical link to landing humans on the Moon and bringing them home safely.

  • This Month in NASA History: Apollo 7 Returns America’s Focus to Landing on the Moon

    Mission of firsts achieves 101 percent success and sets the stage for orbiting the Moon.

  • Apollo I: Apollo 204 Review Board Final Report

    This is the Final Review Document for Apollo 204 as performed by the Apollo Review Board

  • Apollo XIII: Review of the Apollo 13 Review Board

    The Apollo 13 Review Board was charged with the responsibilities of reviewing the circumstances surrounding the accident, of establishing the probable causes of the accident, of assessing the effectiveness of flight recovery actions, of reporting these findings, and of developing recommendations for corrective or other actions. This is the Final Review Document for Apollo 13 as performed by the Apollo Review Board. 

  • This Month in NASA History: Tragedy Strikes the Apollo Program

    A deadly fire during a routine test shocked the nation and lead to a solemn vow to be tough and competent.