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The HL-20 undergoing testing for forced oscillation in pitch, 1989.
The Dream Chaser: Back to the Future

By Jim Hodges   The first time Mark Sirangelo saw the model on which Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser is based, in 2005, it was in the corner of a huge hangar at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. “It was covered with dust and other things I’d probably better not mention,” said Sirangelo, who […]

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A 5.5-foot-long wind-tunnel model of the Space Shuttle orbiter is tested inside Langley Research Center’s 16-foot Transonic Wind Tunnel.
Shaping the Shuttle

By Jim Hodges   On April 12, 1981, they sat in the Reid Conference Center at Langley Research Center and watched the first Space Shuttle launch on television, just like everybody else.

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Ingenuity and Improvisation

By Jim Hodges It began with $2,000 and a cable hanging from an I beam in “The Hangar” at NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia.

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From Generation to Generation: Filling the Knowledge Gaps

By Jim Hodges In 2006, when the staff of the Aeroelasticity Branch at NASA’s Langley Research Center learned that it would test ground wind loads for the Ares I-X launch test vehicle, Donald Keller and Thomas Ivanco went in search of history.

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