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Apollo 16 Commander John W. Young salutes the United States flag during the mission’s first extravehicular activity, with the Lunar Module and the Lunar Roving Vehicle in the background. Lunar Module Pilot Charles M. Duke, Jr. took the photo. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: NASA’s Fifth Moon Landing

Mattingly, bumped from Apollo 13, finally orbits the Moon as Apollo nears the end.

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On the first crewed Gemini flight, Gemini III, John W. Young, left, smuggled a corned beef on rye sandwich into the capsule and briefly shared it with Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom. NASA soon developed technology that improved the freeze-drying process to improve the quality of food on long spaceflights. Credit: NASA/MSFC archives
Publication Highlights NASA Technologies that Now Improve Daily Life

Agency advanced remote health monitoring, high-performance insulation and freeze-drying. 

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This artist’s illustration depicts the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope in space. Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center
Development of Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope Moves Ahead

WFIRST will have Hubble’s precision with 100 times the field of view.

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Astronauts Neil Armstrong and David R. Scott sit with their spacecraft hatches open while awaiting the arrival of the recovery ship, the U.S.S. Leonard F. Mason, after the completion of their Gemini VIII mission. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Gemini VIII Tests Armstrong, Scott

Two astronauts on their first spaceflight make first docking maneuver in orbit, save their vehicle from violent roll.

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SELP assignments have included working on the Space Launch System. Here, the massive SLS core stage is being moved at the Michoud Assembly Facility in Louisiana. Credit: NASA/Jude L. Guidry
APPEL Opens New Cycle of Leadership Program with Call for Nominations

The Systems and Engineering Leadership Program develops the next generation of NASA leaders.

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Retired U.S. Air Force Honorary Brigadier General Charles McGee, left, speaks with NASA astronaut Alvin Drew during a Black History Month program titled “Trailblazers, The Story of a Tuskegee Airman.” Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky
NASA honors Tuskegee Airman for courage, leadership

Brigadier General Charles E. McGee discusses his career as an aviation trailblazer.

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Astronaut Bruce McCandless II on the first untethered spacewalk as part of STS-41-B. Credit: NASA
This Month in NASA History: Astronauts Make First Untethered Spacewalk

STS-41-B produces iconic image of Bruce McCandless floating above the Earth.

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The shadow of NASA's P-3 aircraft is seen over an iceberg on a May 8, 2017 flight. The plane, which carries sophisticated technology, will fly through snowstorms on the U.S. East Coast in a three-year project to better understand how snow bands form. Credit: NASA/Joe MacGregor
Variability of Snowfall Rates a Persistent Question in Winter Storms

New NASA research project employs an impressive array of technologies to discern how and why snow bands form. 

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Illustration of NASA’s Dragonfly rotorcraft-lander on the surface of Titan. Credit: Johns Hopkins APL
Dragonfly to Explore the Icy, Exotic World of Titan

Saturn’s largest moon holds vast oceans, organic chemistry.

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