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NASA in the News NASA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service have partnered to obtain imagery of wildfires in response to requests from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, and the National Interagency Fire Center.

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The Knowledge Notebook — Managing Your OWN Knowledge

By Laurence Prusak Knowledge management as a discipline and practice has now been with us for about twenty years and shows no sign of disappearing into that distant land where old fads and fashions go.

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Ask 31 books
ASK Bookshelf (ASK 31)

Here are descriptions of two books that we believe will interest ASK readers.

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From the APPEL Director — Don’t Trust Anyone Under Thirty?

By Ed Hoffman I recently participated in a panel discussion about next-generation challenges and strategies for aerospace. Such sessions have become common as we worry about the ability of the future workforce to assume responsibility for the science, engineering, technology development, and management of our future aerospace missions.

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In This Issue (ASK 31)

Don Cohen, Managing Editor Several articles in this issue of ASK give essentially the same important advice to project managers and engineers. In one way or another, they say, “Step back and look at the big picture.”

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NASA CoLab: Creating a Space for Participatory Exploration

By Matthew Kohut Silicon Valley has long been the epicenter of high technology, but until recently NASA maintained a low profile in the neighborhood.

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Nothing Weak About It: Thriving in a Weak-Matrix Project Environment

By Keith L. Woodman If you asked the typical project manager how much authority he wants, he would likely respond by saying the more, the better.

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What’s Ahead for Project Management: A Roundtable Discussion with the Project Management Institute

By Matthew Kohut Matthew Kohut of ASK the Academy met with Project Management Institute (PMI) CEO Greg Balestrero, PMI Board Member Yanping Chen, Academy Director Dr. Ed Hoffman, and ASK Magazine Managing Editor Don Cohen for a wide-ranging survey of the project management landscape today.

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The Optimized Project Portfolio

By Michael A. Hall Albert Burkholder is vice president of group operations for Griffin Systems, Inc.

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