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Ensuring MBSE Model Consistency – By Design (APPEL – vAMBSE2)


  • Systems Engineering & Engineering
    Systems Engineering & Engineering

Skill Level: Project Managers/Project Systems Engineers or higher.

In this course, you will learn to define and create stereotypes and libraries. These SysML extensions allow assets to be deployed across an enterprise to foster reusability and consistency and achieve effective communication among engineers, stakeholders, leaders, and contractors.

The course covers leading practices in model organization using SysML syntax and teaches a repeatable method to create custom profiles. These profiles can provide a pivotal link to integrating with other tools.

Additionally, we will learn to identify opportunities to tailor the process and decide when tailoring is appropriate and when it is better to follow the procedure as defined. Applying this scrutiny to each development effort will result in better planning and a consistent approach to the tailoring process.

With an eye towards standardization and utility this course helps teams establish goals for interoperability, efficiency, and ease of implementations and deployments in their respective environments.

Required Tool: In order to fully engage and participate in courses within the AMBSE series, students must have access to the Cameo/Magic Draw modeling tool.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the purpose and use of libraries and stereotypes.
  • Building and using custom profiles.
  • Sharing model elements between models.
  • Organizing models to facilitate reuse.
  • Gaining efficiency by effectively tailoring processes.

Advanced MBSE Series: This course is a part of a series designed for systems engineers with advanced exposure to modeling processes. All courses within this series can be found in the Supplemental Resources tab under "Related Courses".

Required Prerequisite: foundational understanding of systems engineering principles and model-based systems engineering processes is necessary.

Recommended Sequence: to maximize conceptual understanding of advanced MBSE skills, courses within this series should be taken in sequential order.

Related Resource: NASA Advanced MBSE Course Alignment

This online course series is designed for:

  • Individuals who design, revise, and implement development processes.
  • Individuals who coordinate modeling efforts across projects, teams, or vendors.
  • Individuals who need to establish modeling practices and guidelines for their organization.
  • Individuals who are responsible for creating the overall NASA modeling strategy and corresponding deployment.
  • Individuals who need to build robust descriptive models to plan and manage the development effort effectively.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Create and use custom stereotypes to add detail and navigability to your model and design description.
  • Create libraries and use those libraries in other models to ensure conceptual integrity, reusability, and model consistency.
  • Build and deploy custom profiles.
  • Tailor your modeling effort to gain efficiency while maintaining effectiveness.