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Real World Application of Model-Based Systems Engineering (APPEL – vAMBSE4)


  • Systems Engineering & Engineering
    Systems Engineering & Engineering

Skill Level: Project Managers/Project Systems Engineers or higher.

This course challenges you to use the skills you have acquired to build an executable model of a representative system, either as an individual or part of a small team. We will create and deploy profiles and libraries which use advanced modeling practices to describe a non-trivial system.

You will create a model that describes one subsystem or segment of a representative system, including libraries of reusable model elements. You will share your models with each other, obtain feedback from the instructors and other participants, and compile the separate models into a finished, integrated model of the system of interest.

This class culminates in the opportunity to present your work to your classmates, instructors, and NASA subject matter experts. This presentation is vital in reinforcing confidence in applying and communicating your MBSE skills.

Required Tool: In order to fully engage and participate in courses within the AMBSE series, students must have access to the Cameo/Magic Draw modeling tool.

Topics include:

  • Deploying the SysML language to define and describe a system.
  • Extending the SysML language to enable interface design and model interoperability.
  • Communicating model data.
  • Managing a complex development effort using MBSE.

Advanced MBSE Series: This course is a part of a series designed for systems engineers with advanced exposure to modeling processes. All courses within this series can be found in the Supplemental Resources tab under "Related Courses".

Required Prerequisite: foundational understanding of systems engineering principles and model-based systems engineering processes is necessary.

Recommended Sequence: to maximize conceptual understanding of advanced MBSE skills, courses within this series should be taken in sequential order.

Related Resource: NASA Advanced MBSE Course Alignment

This online course series is designed for:

  • Individuals who want to address advanced modeling topics in the context of the current work.
  • Individuals who desire coaching and mentoring in the deployment of MBSE methods on their programs.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Build a well-formed model from “scratch”.
  • Establish a baseline pattern for model development that encourages reuse and interoperability.
  • Integrate information across models.
  • Deploy SysML in a non-trivial, real-world scenario.
  • Interface definition and management.
  • Communicate contents of models to concerned stakeholders.
  • Deploy SysML customizations (profiles, stereotypes, libraries) to ensure interoperability among models.