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The sunshade deployed by the crew of Skylab 3 showing the folds Pilot Jack R. Lousma wrestled with in zero gravity.]
This Month in NASA History: Skylab 3

The crew of Skylab 3 made crucial repairs to the space station and dramatically pushed the boundaries of time in space.

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New Horizons expanded scientific understanding of Pluto and is now set to rendezvous with Ultima Thule in the Kuiper Belt
New Horizons Homes In on Ultima Thule

After dramatically increasing scientific understanding of Pluto, the space probe is aimed for an encounter in the icy Kuiper Belt to return the most distant images ever taken.

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Inside the 8' x 6' wind tunnel at NASA Glenn, engineers recently tested a fan and inlet design, commonly called a propulsor, which could use four to eight percent less fuel than today's advanced aircraft.
The First ‘A’ in NASA: Lessons Learned from NASA Aeronautics Projects

NASA has a rich history and an exciting future advancing aeronautics research to make air travel, safer, quieter, and more efficient.

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