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The Eye Cannot See Itself

By Dr. Alexander Laufer A close colleague of mine has taught and written extensively about strategic planning and project planning.

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From the APPEL Director: Columbia, Loss, and the Search for Eldorado

By Ed Hoffman I have attempted to share reflections that come from the heart, and hope they do justice and honor for our colleagues and their families.

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In This Issue: Leadership Counts

By Todd Post How many times have I heard project managers tell of learning by way of examples from history and literature?

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ASK Talks with William Readdy

As Associate Administrator for Space Flight at NASA, William Readdy has spent much of the last year addressing Agency plans for future Shuttle missions in the wake of the Columbia accident.

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Say What You Mean

By Lynda Rutledge When I first started working for the Air Force, I had a hard time understanding how we make our source selections.

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Coming of Age

By Ray Morgan One of the great perks I looked forward to when I turned sixteen was being able to give up my paper route and get a regular job.

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Fly Away

By Scott Tibbitts At 1 a.m. the phone rang, waking my wife and me. Karla, whose husband Kurt worked for our company, explained that Kurt had not come home from work that night. She was worried, and wanted to know if I had any idea where he might be.

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Going Up

By Freddie Douglas III After a long day of travel, I found myself in a hotel elevator. I had recently graduated from NASA’s Accelerated Learning Option (ALO) at MIT, and I was proudly wearing my new school T shirt and baseball hat.

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Marbles for the Imagination

By Jack Shue To fill the need for engineers and scientists of the future, we at NASA need to start attracting youths to these fields now.

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