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At APPEL, Second-Quarter Courses Support Career Development

For the second quarter of FY 2018, APPEL is offering a range of courses designed to support the development goals of agency practitioners. The visual above indicates the number of APPEL courses offered at each NASA center.

Credit: NASA

For the second quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2018, APPEL will deliver a broad range of courses that support the development goals of NASA practitioners. 

The Academy positions its courses to support the evolving project and mission needs of NASA centers and the agency overall. APPEL regularly develops new courses to address emerging areas of interest and also refines existing courses so they better meet the goals of practitioners. Over the years, the Academy has been repeatedly recognized by internal and external organizations for the high quality of its NASA-centric offerings.

APPEL’s second quarter courses will begin the week of January 8, 2018. Over the next three months, the Academy will deliver 36 distinct course offerings across NASA centers and at APPEL’s Academy Center for Excellence (ACE). The courses span a spectrum of subjects, including foundational topics, technical skill enhancement, and development of soft skills that are crucial for leadership.

A highlighted selection of courses from APPEL is below, followed by the full list of all 36 second-quarter course offerings.

Advanced Project Management and Advanced Systems Engineering (APPEL-APM&ASE) at Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC), Kennedy Space Center (KSC), and Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC):

  • This four-day course focuses on advanced concepts of project management and systems engineering and their integration in the management of all phases and facets of the project life cycle. The participant-driven course uses a case-study approach to examine such topics as system architecting, performance, risk, cost, schedule, reliability, and operability as well as stakeholder management and acquisition strategies.

Introduction to Project Management at NASA (APPEL-PM101) at Ames Research Center (ARC), Langley Research Center (LaRC), and MSFC:

  • Introduction to Project Management at NASA supports the development of newly appointed project managers and rising technical professionals by providing a comprehensive overview of the policies, practices, and processes specific to the NASA project management life cycle. Furthermore, it helps attendees identify, recognize, and develop the expertise they need to ensure mission success through the effective utilization of accepted project management principles and practices.

Risk Management I (APPEL-RM I) at AFRC:

  • This one-day course introduces attendees to Risk Informed Decision Making (RIDM) and Continuous Risk Management (CRM) for the purpose of improving their ability to frame, assess, and articulate technical risks to their project teams during the development and implementation phases of their project. In addition, attendees will become familiar with NASA’s risk management policy.

Risk Management II (APPEL-RM II) at AFRC, Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), and KSC:

  • Designed for individuals familiar with risk management, this two-day course provides attendees with opportunities to evaluate and practice the application of RIDM and CRM. Attendees will go beyond framing, assessing, and articulating technical risks to designing risk mitigation plans and evaluating the effectiveness of those mitigation efforts. Additionally, they will learn and practice techniques for developing integrated risk models in order to manage multiple risks.

We encourage practitioners to explore the comprehensive list, below, of second-quarter courses offered by APPEL at each NASA center and at the Academy Center for Excellence. After reviewing the list, practitioners can click on course names to go to the APPEL Catalog for a full description or easy access to registration.

Academy Center for Excellence

Ames Research Center

Armstrong Flight Research Center

Glenn Research Center

Goddard Space Flight Center


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Johnson Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Langley Research Center

Marshall Space Flight Center

The Academy is excited to offer this diverse range of courses for NASA practitioners during the second quarter of FY18. Because seating for APPEL courses is limited, interested agency practitioners are encouraged to register as early as possible. For answers to questions about courses or the registration process, practitioners can contact APPEL Training & Support or their center’s APPEL Point of Contact.

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