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Q4 Courses Support Mission Success

For the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2018 (Q4 FY18), APPEL Knowledge Services will offer a wide range of courses, with an emphasis on leveraging lessons learned and managing systems complexity to advance mission success. 

From July through September 2018, APPEL Knowledge Services will deliver 52 courses across NASA. The Academy will offer courses on foundational issues in program/project management and systems engineering as well as more advanced courses designed to help practitioners develop specific skills, such as those needed to lead projects or manage teams. Courses addressing the soft skills that are crucial for leadership will be held as well, touching on subjects including how to negotiate successfully, be assertive, or present information and perspectives effectively.

During Q4, APPEL Knowledge Services will also feature courses in our newest curriculum category, Lessons Learned for Mission Success, along with three new Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) courses from the Systems Engineering/Engineering category.

Courses in the Lessons Learned for Mission Success category leverage case studies from NASA and industry to teach practitioners how to utilize lessons learned in order to develop effective decision-making skills that actively benefit their day-to-day work. By learning to refine their thinking and apply the rich learnings from past projects to their current efforts, practitioners become better equipped to advance mission success at NASA.

Courses in this category include:

To learn more about Lessons Learned for Mission Success courses, we encourage you to explore this INSIGHT article.

APPEL Knowledge Services offers three courses that address MBSE:

MBSE has emerged as an important tool in systems engineering because it helps manage complexity and improve communication across the life cycle of a project. APPEL Knowledge Services courses are designed to help attendees understand the value and applications of MBSE. Using an intuitive web-based software, the courses familiarize participants with how to think about MBSE and how teams can get the most out of using it. Read this INSIGHT article for more information about the MBSE courses.

The list below presents all Q4 FY18 courses offered by APPEL Knowledge Services at each NASA center. After reviewing the list, practitioners canclick on course names to go to the Course Catalog for a full description or easy access to registration.

Ames Research Center

Armstrong Flight Research Center

Glenn Research Center

Goddard Space Flight Center


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Johnson Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Langley Research Center

Marshall Space Flight Center

We are excited to offer this diverse range of courses for NASA practitioners during the fourth quarter of FY18. Because seating for APPEL Knowledge Services courses is limited, interested agency practitioners are encouraged to register as early as possible. For answers to questions about courses or the registration process, practitioners can contact APPEL Training & Support or their center’s APPEL Point of Contact.

Visit the APPEL Knowledge Services Course Catalog for more information about courses.

Explore the Lessons Learned for Mission Success category and read more about the courses in this INSIGHT article.

Explore the MBSE courses and learn more about them in this INSIGHT article.

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