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Explore Third-Quarter Courses from APPEL Knowledge Services

This visual indicates the number of APPEL Knowledge Services courses offered at each NASA center for the third quarter of FY18.

Credit: NASA

From April through June, 2018, APPEL Knowledge Services will deliver 40 courses designed to support professional development at NASA. 

APPEL Knowledge Services develops its courses to help ensure the agency’s project managers and systems engineers have the skills and knowledge required to advance mission success. As a result, all courses are NASA-centric and fully relevant to project and mission needs. For the third quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2018, the courses will span a spectrum of subjects, including foundational topics, technical skill enhancement, and development of soft skills that are crucial for leadership.

Third-quarter courses begin the week of April 2. Over the next three months, the Academy will deliver 40 distinct course offerings across NASA centers. A highlighted selection of courses from APPEL Knowledge Services is below, followed by the full list of all third-quarter course offerings.

Complex Decision Making in Project Management (APPEL-CDMPM) at Glenn Research Center (GRC) and Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC):

  • This four-day course focuses on advanced concepts of project management and systems engineering and their integration in the management of all phases and facets of the project life cycle. The participant-driven course uses a case-study approach to examine such topics as system architecting, performance, risk, cost, schedule, reliability, and operability as well as stakeholder management and acquisition strategies.

Lifecycle, Processes and Systems Engineering (APPEL-LPSE) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC):

  • Lifecycle, Processes and Systems Engineering provides participants with an overview of the entire systems engineering discipline in the context of NASA’s systems engineering “engine” and project life cycle structure. Upon completion of this three-day course, attendees will be able to apply the “engine” and life cycle to their project work in a manner that leverages best practices for systems engineering, reduces technical risk, and increases the likelihood of mission success.

Quiet Project Management (APPEL-QPM) at GRC:

  • Designed for project leaders, Quiet Project Management offers concrete tools for creating a work environment and management culture that nurtures all team members, whether they are introverts, extroverts, or ambiverts. During the one-day course, participants learn the concepts of introversion and extroversion, and receive guidance on how to recognize how these qualities manifest in team members. The course provides actionable advice on how team leads can create an environment that enables team members to apply their strengths regardless of where they are on the introversion-extroversion spectrum.

Space System Verification and Validation (APPEL-SSVV) at Ames Research Center (ARC):

  • This three-day course focuses on the processes, information, and tools necessary to implement a credible verification, integration, and test program. The course emphasizes practice over theory: participants will use a fully functional (hardware and software) benchtop satellite in order to apply what they are learning in the course. Due to the hands-on nature of this course, registration is limited to 25 attendees.

Understanding Earned Value Management (APPEL-UEVM) at NASA Headquarters (HQ):

  • This one-day course is designed for project team members who require a basic understanding of earned value management (EVM) and who may contribute to the planning, controlling, and analyzing of cost, schedule, and technical performance for an activity, project, or contract.

Writing for Technical Professionals (APPEL-TW) at Stennis Space Center (SCC):

  • Over the course of a single day, Writing for Technical Professionals provides intensive instruction in technical writing to help NASA’s new and experienced engineers improve their technical communication skills, enabling them to effectively communicate technical/project information to different audiences.

We encourage practitioners to explore the comprehensive list, below, of third-quarter FY18 courses offered by APPEL Knowledge Services at each NASA center. After reviewing the list, practitioners can click on course names to go to the Course Catalog for a full description or easy access to registration.

Ames Research Center

Armstrong Flight Research Center

Glenn Research Center

Goddard Space Flight Center


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Johnson Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Langley Research Center

Marshall Space Flight Center

Stennis Space Center

The Academy is excited to offer this diverse range of courses for NASA practitioners during the third quarter of FY18. Because seating for APPEL Knowledge Services courses is limited, interested agency practitioners are encouraged to register as early as possible. For answers to questions about courses or the registration process, practitioners can contact Training & Support or their center’s Point of Contact.

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